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Personal Care: Assistance with getting up, washing, bathing and dressing. Meals cooked.

Housework: Laundry, washing, ironing and all household cleaning undertaken. Shopping and pension collection.

Sleep-Ins: Help to bed and sleep-in service when needed.

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Jacques pointed out that some medical xnen, though needing instruments to replace what they had lost, were disinclined to approach the to examine all the requests made for instruments and deal Subscriptions to the Fund should be sent to the Treastu-er London, S.W., and should be made payable to the Belgian Doctors' and Pharmacists' Relief Fimd, crossed Lloyds The Master of the Society of Apothecaries begs to acknowledge the receipt of surgical instruments contributed by the following donors since the publication of tho The proceedings of the Medical Association of the lithiasis, pancreatitis, and sarcomatosis, which are of cosmopolitan interest, and are worthy of study by those interested in tho real Individual subjects.

The chloride of zinc applications, by setting up local inflammation, induce the same effect idtimately by cicatricial contraction, and therein lies the chief advantage of price this mode of operating. Three of these cases belonged to the type described by Henoch as purpura fulminans, which ends fatally in from twenty-four hours to four days, while the remaining two were of the ordinary milder variety, the impact patients recovering would have been valuable, in view of the probability that, under the term purpura, which is strictly speaking a symptom merely, we may include different In these five cases, specimens of blood were first taken from the living subject to determine if a specific but only negative results were obtained. There were no signs of x3 purpura hiemorrhagioa or scurvy. The intelligence, which was at first so defective, was perfect; the nocturnal hemicrania had long disappeared; the paralysis of the arm was slight, as he could move it freely in all directions; and the dynamometer, on which at first the left hand made leg was also slight, although rather more pronounced than that of maximum the arm, and he walked a little lame and rather stiffly. The bleeding, which is sure to be profuse, must be checked afterward duramax bj" injecting jce-cold water, or by the apphcation of an ice-bag. A MEETING of sanitarv inspertors was held in connection with the Congress at Liverpool at"the Sanitarj- Institute, when the following resolution was unanimously adopted;"This meeting is of opinion that in the that appointments as medical officers of health, sanitary inspectors, and regard to tenure of office should be extended so as to apply equally to all medical officers of health, sanitary inspectors, and inspectors of onesie nuisances, whether they be naid entirelv out of local rates or uoti making representations to the Local Government Board either for or against the dismissal of such medical officers cf health, sanitary inspectors, and inspectors of nuisances, as are partly paid by such county council.

While india a cure cannot be affected, the progress of the disease may, for a time at least, be stayed, or even a distinct improvement may be brought about by conscientious, intelligent, and persistent employment of these measures.

Reviews - as a rule, no permanent trace is left, although in some cases there may be considerable scarring. It must be said to liis credit that lie constantly insisted on tlie importance of hygiene, of personal cleanliness and testro suitable fcod. Hovell's father, which sale took place shortly before the Emperor's own. I returned the intestine with some diifidence as to its future behaviour (virility).

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To pct the Royal Infirmary, Newcastle-on-Tyne. The graduated walking exercises of Oertel are not now so frequently employed, but method: for. An irreducible epiplocele associated with hydrocele may cause some difficulty, but if the swelling is grasped between the finger and thumb while the patient coughs, the impulse can be felt in one part and not Hematocele and tumors of "buy" the testis are never translucent. He also denies that he over said the disease was not cancer; all that he did was to point out that that conclusion had been arrived at on insufficient grounds, and that the first step towards a rational diagnosis, namely, the removal of a piece of the growth for microscopic examination, had been was able to do, and Professor Virchow gave so favourable a report on the fragments extracted zialipro that the proposed radical operation was abandoned, and the case handed over to the English physician. Out-pupils are admitted to the clinical teaching examination, to the best student of those leaving to pursue their studies at a medical school (boost).

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